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83      提升水域救援能力

                     臺中市政府消防局 施智偉
                     Raise the level of water rescue ability
                     Record of inflatable rescue boat training

             87      臺南市政府消防局

                     壓縮空氣泡沫滅火系統消防車救                                               83


                     臺南市政府消防局 黃靖堯                                                 91
                     Tainan City Fire Department
                     Compressed air firefighting system.
                     Introduction to and record of fire engine disaster relief

             92      新北市首次辦理行動急診室 MER


                     新北市政府消防局 邱子島
                     First time for New Taipei City
                     Mobile Emergency Room linked to Emergency Skill                                          93
                     General Test

                     消防花絮 Fire Service Tidbits

             95      才華洋溢 負責盡職


                     金門縣消防局 蔡承裕
                     Talented and responsible
                     Remembering new age good youth who have just
                     completed substitute national service

             96      加入婦宣志工 習得消防祕笈

                     新手期勉自己 早日獨當一面
                     新北市政府消防局 古秀景                                                                             96
                     Joining the women’s fire prevention advocacy team
                     Learning fire protection secrets
                     Rookie tells herself that one day she will be in charge

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